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A tough time in my life right now...

I am currently going through a tough time with my son who is acting out at school and verbalizing things that he shouldn't especially in the days of such sensitive schools. He's been suspended, has an "official record" and is on the verge of expulsion, and he's only in third grade. He's a great kid and my wife and I are great parents...we don't know where this is coming from and we do everything in our power to guide him appropriately. My job is at a cross-roads and I don't feel like I can find a way out. Every morning I get up with a feeling of impending doom when faced with having to go to work. And overall, I just don't feel like I have a story. I mean everyone has a story, but I'm really struggling to figure out why I'm here and how my story fits in and how I can impact others with it.