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My sister

My older sister walked a very dark path for the past six years, but last summer she returned to her faith!. Right now my whole family is going through a time of healing, and it is so wonderful that she has chosen to change her path and allow us back into her life! But she is having a difficult time dealing with the consequences of her choices. She knows that she is on the right path now, and she isn't going to turn back, but she is really struggling with loneliness and being a single mother to her beautiful little daughter. I'd just ask prayer for her, that God will continue to show her that He's here with her, prayer for us, that we'd be able to help her in every way that we can, and prayer that she can eventually gain full custody of her daughter, so that my niece has a chance at having a proper family and won't be in the very messed up situation of my sister's ex and family.