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My sister and niece

My sister left a lifestyle of sin last summer – Praise Our Lord! – and is walking with God. But consequences are consequences... She is and her unbelieving ex are going to be battling to be the custodial parent for my beautiful niece, who is almost three. At her other mother's house, my niece is in a horrible spiritual environment, among other things. We have been praying so hard that somehow God would give my sister full custody of my girlie, and the first step to that is being custodial parent. It is also so important because the custodial parent makes the final decisions about schooling, etc. and is allowed to move and take the child with them... We are putting our trust in God and praying for the best outcome for my niece, knowing that it might not be one that we are entirely happy with. Please join us in petitioning our Father for mercy!