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husband, end of life

My husband is dying of an incurable disease,he is 46 years old. He is strong and has been fighting it for over ten years, he is in stage 4, and so physically tired and in pain, its hard to watch him suffer, and watch him die alittle more each day. Our family is weary, and sad. My father is also dying of cancer so it is very stressful that I cant see him more. My prayer request is for my husband mostly. He is so angry at God! He is a believer, but I want him to make peace with his Maker, and have what time he has left to be something that will bring glory to God, healing to our family, and a joyful home going for him. Letting go of what he has dreamed and worked so hard for is the worst. He loves teaching and history, and computer anything. Thankyou for plr. family for your love and support.