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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Man of the house

The man of our house needs prayer. He has anger issues and snaps at every small problem. We really need peace and happiness in our home. Every time I try to talk to him about God and ask him if he prays or asks for help, he just ignores me and doesn't really want to hear it. I don't know if he feels like he is not worthy of God, but he needs to know he is! We are all sinners and he too can be forgiven. I pray that he understands we are all not here on this earth forever, we are not immortal. Me and my kids need him to be the leader of our family. I pray God can give him signs, talk to him through people or even dreams. I pray he can open his eyes, see the big picture. He has a family, he should show us love and patience and listen to us, and I hope he understands we appreciate everything he does for us. Please pray for him. Thank you.