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Prayer Center

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Need Lots Of Prayers!!!!

Please pray for my sister in law Martha. She is back on chemo for her colon cancer and it is making her weak. Please keep me in prayer for finances. I have been trying to re-finance so my mortgage bill won't be so high. My Social Security Disability is paying the mortgage and there's not a lot left afterward. I just got my May mortgage receipt and it said that what I owe now is MORE than what I get!!!!! I have been stressing over it all weekend. I don't want to LOSE my house!!!! Please pray that God's Spirit will come over me and soothe my mind. Also, I just had hammertoe surgery on the 15th and I see my podiatrist for a followup tomorrow, the 19th. Pray for a good report for me please. God Bless You All and thank you very much. :) *Ron*