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Miracle for mom

I need prayer for my mom. Prior to Mother's Day for reasons only God fully knows I had not seen my mom since March of 2013 and hadn't spoken with her since New Year's Eve. On Mother's Day I made a surprise visit to see her in tacoma. At that visit I found that she was in a wheelchair and her health had significantly declined. Also the house she had been renting was being foreclosed upon and she has to be out of it by June 3. My brother is in rehab and I am her only family and I have a full time job and live in spokane. My husband and I are going down to help her move but she is on a fixed income is disabled and doesn't even have a place to move into yet. She is undecided if she wants to move closer to us. Please pray for Gods provision and for doors to open quickly and for wisdom. Grace. And peace.