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Prayer Center

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Pray for my Husband

Pray for my amazing husband to find God's will for his life. He is really struggling with selfishness, and has shut everyone who loves him out of his life. He has told me that he no longer wants to be married. That he is not a person who wants to live his life for God, and he wants to do his own thing because he isn't "happy" anymore. The most heart-wrenching part is that my husband is wonderful! An amazing father, and leader. I know that God has incredible plans for his life. My heart is broken, and I am praying for my husband to surrender to God will. We have two young children who are very close to their dad, and need him. My husband does profess that he knows Jesus as his Lord. I believe he is saved and is shutting everyone out because he has so much guilt over his choices. Please Pray that he finds his way back to the Lord, and for me to know what to do!