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My best friend is being life flighted to seattle for a liver transplant

My dear friend has been ill and needs a liver. She has been getting sicker over this last year, since Saturday she went down hill even faster. In the last 2 days she ended up in the ICU and now is being life flighted to Seattle for a transplant so she doesn't die. But even the transplant could kill her. She has a 5 year old daughter and a 20 year old son and many other family members and her husband who love her very very much. She loves God with all her heart. She deserves to have a miracle and I pray this is her miracle and will come back to us feeling great and finally able to take our kids to the park like we plan all the time and go swimming. I just want her to not be in pain and not be sick anymore. So everyone please lift her up in prayer and for God to heal her and give her, her life back, her health back. Thank you so much for prayers in advance we all appreciate it.