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Healing for my husband, Chuck

We went over to Seattle again today hoping to have a biopsy, but we were postponed again because of Chuck taking Plavix and Aspirin for blood thinning. We were told to call his Heart Doctor to see if he could stop the Plavix and Aspirin for five days, safely, or have a bridge medication ordered to take the place of the Plavix until the biopsy can be performed and still keep his blood from clotting too much. I called the Heart Doctor and his nurse took the information and will talk with the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will be led to prescribe a medication that will take care of this situation and allow Chuck to have his biopsy done in a week. Please pray for guidance for the Heart doctor, the Radiologist and the Surgeon to be able to take care of this tumor and to give Chuck relief from the pain he is having.