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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Two years ago I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. I under went 3 surgeries and was back to work 3 months later. I know it is by the grace of God that I survived this and I am thankful to be alive, for the most part. I am now dealing with the side affects of healing that no one else can see and I feel so alone. People look at me on the outside and see what appears to be a normal person but on the inside, I am hurting so much. This has left me with a poor memory and poor concentration. I have also lost my desire to go to church. I still love the Lord but now feel very much out of place. I have isolated myself from everyone that I now have no friends. I am single and feel very much alone in this world. Two things I long for are to be loved and to connect with other people who have gone though this and can understand but I cannot find anyone. I appreciate your prayers.