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Drugs, alcohol, lost soul

I have a friend, who is around 26-28, and he has been an alcoholic since he was around 12. His nickname is Brains, becuase he was real smart when he was a little boy. I hardly see him becuase he is a homebody, but I seen him the other day and he looks rough. More recently he has started doing Meth. It makes me so sad and I need to do something about it. I dont want to sit back and just let him slip by. Jesus is my Lord & Savior and I want for Brains to become a soldier for Christ. I've been praying hard the last couple weeks since I seen him and I want to tell him about Jesus Christ.I want him to feel the love, acceptance, forgiveness and mercy of Christ. Please pray for Brains and for me to be bold, confident and fearless in being obedient to Christ and not worry about Brains rejecting me.