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Prayers for my daughter

I feel selfish when i ask for prayer, but i am going to ask anyways! Tomorrow is my daughter Daelie's 9th birthday. She is in a situation where she is being kept away from me by her biological dad. It has been quite sometime since i have seen or even talked to her. God has given me much peace about his will for her, however around her birthday and holidays i struggle with a very heavy heart.... I can't understand why God is still allowing this situation, it is bad... however i am thankful for it because i have come to Christ through it. Her father is not a Christian or a man of any faith at all & maybe that is why God continues to allow this... Please say a prayer for a little girl who is in a very dark place and maybe one day God's will will allow me to return the favor to her and bring her to Jesus! Thank you and God Bless you!