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Prayer Center

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Thank you all so much for praying! My story is the one in which my husband got let go from his job a few weeks ago just as I was finishing up my BA in Psychology. I had been a stay at home mother and The Lord put it upon our hearts for me to go find a job since I have the BA. So, I had a job interview a few days ago which I asked for prayer and I found out yesterday I got the job! Thank You Jesus! Also, my husband, to our surprise, got called yesterday for an interview! We thought he would be staying home with our 2 year old, but it seems The Lord might just work this out so that we can both work and just work opposite each other. I just wanted to put up this praise report to let you all know that prayers work and for us to all keep praying for each other! I wanted to encourage all of you today to keep praying and surrender your entire self to The Lord to do His will! Amen!