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Prayer Center

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Update on burned kids...

Both kids doing good! Joshua had Integra surgery Monday, to remove dead skin and lay 'Integra' sheets down which will create a growing ground for when the grafts are placed. Brooklynne will need surgery on her left knee, possibly right ankle, will know more Tues. Josh has braces on legs preventing him from bending them & has cleansing soaks done every 3 hours. Brooklynne needs to be walking but it is very painful, she has daily bandage changes. They do a weekly culture - Brooklynne's came back positive for MRSA in her right leg, no longer allowed in playroom. But they gave her an outside pass to go color with chalk, as long as she walks to at least the elevator. Josh is hopefully being moved out of icu this weekend! They still have a long road ahead of them, but our family is SO grateful for your prayers, & the healing taking place from God's loving hand.