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I Love my Boyfriend So Much - Working through Differences

In striving to be the best (workers, partners, parental figures, servants, etc), we each have our own unique differences & imperfections. When disagreements, faults or differences arise, at times we become so sensitive & 'on edge' that when it's brought up someone feels attacked & becomes defensive--followed with hurt & walls. Our mode & timing of conveyance, words chosen, posture, communication, etc. can be conveyed & intended with one perspective & taken a whole other way. We do great at times--other times we struggle & hurt each other because of our love for each other & our feeling of being attacked, failing or not good enough. I love this man, hope to marry him & spend the rest of our lifes together. I pray God can mend our ways with wisdom, guidance & compassion to strenthen our journey & not hinder our walk "together".