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Prayers for my daughter Alyssa

Please pray for my daughter Alyssa. She is 18 years old and we just found out she has Gastroparesis. With this diease she has a lot of pain. Alyssa right now is on a soft liquid diet and prays for better health. She wants to be able to eat whatever she wants. She has been in the hospital 8 times in the last 18 months. My daughter is a very happy young lady who has been so understanding with all of her illnesses. The doctor can decide to put a pacemaker in her stomach. It is something that many have had done and it has turned out positive. Please pray that she is able to open up to the doctor and let them know how she is feeling. Please pray that she has the testing done the same week as we can't afford really to go over to Seattle many more times. We live outside of Spokane, WA. Blessings