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Prayer Center

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New Chapter in My life

Good evening... I shared a prayer once before and I believe God has answered. I need more prayers now, please. I met this amazing man, I have prayed for a man in my life. Everything is so amazing and the connection is powerful. I am falling for this man, i like him and everything about him is so sencere and honest, and truthful. I told SO MANY people I WOULD NEVER EVER get married but now I am totally NOT believing what I feel inside. I want to be married and be a family again. This man is short time showed me so many qualities that I was looking in a man and one of them SEARCH and connection with God. Foundation. We have foundation, OUR LORD! Jesus, please lead me, and help me, I am falling for this man fast and hard. Thank you for your prayers I want God to lead me and us in the right path if we meant to be together. I want to serve the Lord with my life.