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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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I am in awe, I posted a prayer request back in August. I am a single Mom of 3 children, and I needed a few more school supplies. God blessed me with extra money to buy some and get an outfit for each kiddo at a thrift store in town. PRAISE and Thanks be to God! I still struggle with being lost but I think its because there is so much going on. I am in my last year of school at GU and I can see the light! reminds me of a song.I saw the light, I saw the light, praise th Lord I saw the light! although there willstill be darkness its what we do in the darness that is helpful.. shine with the light that Jesus gives us! I am going away to 4 day womens retreat. I am so glad to be with a whole bunch of ladies praising, singing, crying, healing!! all that good stuff.Thank you for also lifting me up, the email reminds me to again praise the Lord for where I am and where I am headed. Thanks