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RE: Contempt Charge Part 1

I ask for prayer, I have just gained full custody of my two teenage sons, coming from their father who was in a destructive drug home, as myself (2000) before he had them, as I had to get my life together, as I wish for him also... The father and I have visitation, to meet a a mutual spot, thru DIRECT CONTACT to each other, via text, phone, e-mail, he lives in another town over 120 miles away, as I live in Spokane, I have had no contact through him, in any of the above manners and now have been served with contempt charge papers, our boys are in school, and the oldest has hit the honor role chart first time ever! and now landed his first job ever also! he is so proud as I and his Brother are of him also! My youngest is academically soared! He was at very low school grade level when he showed up and now is at his own grade level, associating normally functioning in a healthy Socially