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RE: Contempt Charge Part 2

correct atmosphere once again. The father is JUST this next month getting off his probation u.a' s thru Probation Supervision after two plus years, and is Attempting once again ROCK THE BOAT AFTER THE STORM. I just ask for A PRAISEing in the STORM , as I know We can DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US! as we have, and I have seen MIRACLES in Our LIVES , I just ask , for a Strengthening, and Courage... I know the Devil uses his every trick he has to Attack at me, as I do have a past, But THAT is WHAT "THAT" is... "MY PAST"... Because I am REDEEMED!!! I just Pray that a understanding goes out to the the kids dad, I'm not trying to hurt him in no way, I so want him to see his kids and the kids t