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Need God's Direction to Stay or Go with a New Potential Job Offer

The company I work for now has not treated me well (broken promises & agreements, theft, concealment, lies, exclusions because I'm female...ad infinitum). Pros: God's made me rely on Him as my Employer constantly, learned a great deal about myself, helped the company tremendously. I'm excited but scared, after proceedings with a different company, that I may get an offer for a new position. I'm worried that more than 40 hours will be expected each week (I've asked but still unclear). I have extensive experience in the line of work but unsure whether or not I'll like it. Did I not like it anymore after many years because of who I worked for (culture, greater than normal expectations, hours, etc.) or because it was no longer a challenge (similar to where I'm at now) or because "the type of work" was no longer interesting?