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Young Daughters Cancer has returned

Some of you may remember my prayer request from last year for my daughter, mother of 2, ages 4 & 6. Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She finished her last chemo session a year ago and was put in remission (Praise GOD). She has been on a maintenance treatment to keep her in remission but just found out it is active again and is spreading. She will be starting chemo again next week. Please Pray this treatment will work and she will be in remission or better yet that God will HEAL her completely! .She has a very positive attitude and is a Christian. So we know her home will be in Glory.Also pray she will have minimal side affects if any from the Chemo.She has such a zest for life, and people just gravitate to her; even when she was little! Thank you for your time and many Blessings to you!!