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I am a 63 year old widow n feel so alone. Friends seem scarce n now we have a slumlord who bought the trailer park I live in I was so thankful to buy this trailer n have reasonable space rent that I could afford. This corporation (the CEO,S last name is crook) raises N raises the rent n lets the park fall apart.I have prayed n prayed n the lord would remove him n am getting discouraged with no answer. Non of the people who live here can afford to live anywhere else. I would love to move to a nicer park but can't afford a nicer trailer. Please pray for all of the people who live here n in the other parks they have bought n are doing the same thing to them . Some have had to fill in the park pool because he would not keep it up but more than doubled their rent They are hurting a lot of people on fixed incomes n getting rich off the poor