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15 year old son

My 15 year old son is a st at a local High school . He tried out for the bb team, He worked very hard in the off season. . He had a fantastic first three days of try outs. Hit 10 for 10 from the field in two different paractices 9 for 15 in another etc. The third day of tryouts they cut all the new kids no matter how good they were. We are asking for prayer on several levels. First for my son to have faith in the Lord to fix this injustice. he said after the tryouts "Dad dont ever pray for me agiain when it comes to sports.Look wht happened" He is afraid to ask the Lord to help. Second for the Lord to work in this matter and deal with this injustice. You have to have connectiions and this is wrong. Third for Godly men to take over the schools and coaching to clean out the corruption. And for my son to now can fix this thing and work it out for the good.