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Prayer Center

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A Job

Please pray that God will bless me with a full time job. I need a job to pay off my student loans. Pray that God will open the right door and lead me to the right job that He wants me to have. God keeps closing all the doors for me to earn my teaching credential. I think God has different plans for my life and He doesn't want me to be a teacher. I had to drop my classes from my teaching credential since financial aid didn't go through and problems with the teacher that I had a placement with in their classroom. Don't know what God wants me to do with my life. Pray for me as I write a resume since I have no work experience never had a job before. Pray for me not to be nervous when I do a job interview that I won't be shy or quiet and answer all the questions with lots of confidence. Pray for me as I am both excited and nervous to have a job. This is a new chapter of my life.