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End days

I can't shake the feeling we are in the very end days. I remember there would be a falling away, and that there would be many false prophets, and people would start killing each other.Things going on in the news are crazy. You can't read the news anymore.I remember one more thing Christ said.He said there would be a time he would say,get away from me all you workers of iniquity. I have tried for 20 years to maintain a Christian life. With opposition on every side. And I have fought just about every day. People walking after their own lust, sometimes me.People despising things that are good.Terrible storms, the winds and the waves roaring. I would just like to take this time to pray for world peace. And that Christian people would be strong. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow."Katy Perry "After the trials of birth, comes joy that a man is born into the world. God bless everyone