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LOSING my Job while being in huge debt

Please help me. I'm only 20. Satan been working really hard with me this year. If someone would love to hear what been happening to me this year and help me, please feel free to ask me and now I have something new happening. I been struggling trying to earn as much money as I can to pay off my debt and be able to have money to pay for college once I pay everything off. I really want to pay off my debt by the end of this year and with the job that I have I can see and have faith that it will work. BUT BUT recently I did something I didn't realized was illegal and they are planning on terminating me :'( . I am waiting till it is business hour so I could give the representative a call which will be on Monday morning. I'm so worried I will lose this job completely. I was about to become a manager and now I'm scared it will all be gone. MAY GOD LET A MIRACLE HAPPEN. I'm too broken