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Prayer Center

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Had to quit job based on medical reason. Have no money to pay bills. Soon will be homeless. I have been praying and fasting still no answer. Need money to pay bills charitable institutions will not or cannot help. Keep praying God knows what I have need of but its like moving a mountain to get Him to answer prayer and meet the needs. I am born again and do not understand why He is doing this. He told me to quit job and I obeyed and now I cannot meet my needs. I asked my church in a email and they have not replied this was on Tuesday this week have asked other church's and they have said cannot help. I give up will ask no more church's I have asked 12 besides my own. No one cares and looks like God does not either no answer from Him. I believe in the power of prayer, prayer changes things but not my situation. I need a answer fast time is running out. Paul