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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Asotin County 4-H Program

The Asotin County 4-H program needs prayers. The program has been with a program coordinator since July 2012 due to the Asotin County Commissioners taking away the funding for this position. We received the preliminary county budget for 2013 today (December 3, 2012) and the Commissioners did not allow any funds to fill this position. Without the funds, the program could end. We have about 389 youth enrolled this year (which just started). This would be devastating to our youth and effect the community as a whole. 4-H is such a great program! I ask for prayers that the Commissioners change their minds and fund this position. The final budget will be on December 14, 2102. If you would like more information or know a way to help, please call the Asotin County Extension office at 509-243-2009. Thank you for you prayers for our youth!