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Husbands Anger and Divorce Threats

Husband regularly threatens divorce, moves out and bails amidst intense struggles where our family has really needed him. He turns to anger/rage, abandonment and quitting/divorcing because marriage is too hard and God permits divorce to be happy. Any difficulties, differences, or problems wouldn't happen if he wasn't married. Prayer please for recognition/repentance/want for change in himself, spiritual men (put in his life) he feels comfortable talking to as he doesn't know where/how/what to do or anyone to keep him accountable to God's word, to have a thirst to want to know God's word and get into his Bible...protection for our family (from his anger/rage) and for our marriage (not allow Satan to win at convincing him divorce is the answer), help for me to be the wife God's called me to be and His direction for me in relation to Peter.