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Helping a loved one Through addiction

My significant other suffers from an addiction. This addiction recently put him in the hospital and has caused severe health issues. Once out of the hospital he seemed to be doing well and it appeared that he had perhaps been able to break the hold the addiction had over him. (He has also had treatment in the past) However, there have been a few nights that he has run to the store late at night when I am in bed because he has had a "craving " for this snack or that. I had a suspicion that it is to go buy beer. Last night he went to the store and when he came back I could smell a faint odor of alcohol. He is obviously hiding this from me and I am not sure what to do at this point. He will become extremely defensive if I try to "confront" him. I told myself last time that I would leave him if he continued. I just feel like I could really use some direction and comfort.