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Husband's Battle (World & Money vs. Wife) - Constant Divorce Threats

Husband said wants everything his way, too hard being married to me different than him - any difference he threatens divorce and moves to old house that made me sick for indeterminable amounts of time regularly. He doesn't understand my illness so claims I make it up - maybe just denies because it is a very difficult illness and requires life style changes and doesn't want to alter anything...unwilling to be in any doctor appt's or try to understand in any way. He tells me I am not the woman he married because I went and got sick and now am just in pain and struggling - so he doesn't know if he wants me anymore...or thinks I am making it all up to not have to work (feel one of the main reasons he married me was I could add a big paycheck before I got sick). It's difficult to get better when he is constantly attacking my character, putting me down and being reckless with my health.