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Windshield/Health - Fear of Water Leak

Our family recently left/lost everything we own from hidden mold - like a fire (ex. Leviticus 13-14). I have been super sick. Since then we've went through water leaks from gutters, grading, crawl space, dishwasher...AND natural gas here overloading body's ability to fight. I am in so much fear now with windshield crack needing to be replaced. I don't know how to find a quality, thorough person. I had a previous car with hidden water leaks from faulty windshield replacement seal..if I get a leak now I could never be in it again due to mold. This is all so expensive and way too overwhelming for me, my poor husband and daughter! PLEASE help me pray for direction where/who/when God wants me to take it to and for Him to remove my fear. It's very hard to find anyone that can remediate/remove mold to my health needs level.