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Husband's Horrible Emotional Abuse

Husband with huge spiritual battle (money idol vs Jesus) turns him into two different people - one loves me and tells me not to listen to the other him..and other tells me I only stay with you out of Jesus guilt, you're just dead weight being sick and don't bring me money, you're lazy, don't believe you're sick, he tells people and me he thinks it's all in my head and so they/him think I'm crazy and just need anti-psychotic meds. His layers of money as security God's peeling makes him a monster and sees me as enemy. The devouring one wakes up the next day saying you should know I don't mean any of that after putting me down for an hour and me crying and act like he didn't even think he said anything wrong he just says whatever he thinks/feels. I don't know which husband to believe (loves me or out to destroy me) - I just need His protection, strength and more trust in Him.