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Need prayer for more faith, prayer for bible study group

I need God's help in my life, more faith that God is guiding me. I hope I am understanding a certain situation right, I know in the bible it says that God disciplines those he loves and that no discipline seems pleasant at the time but will lead to a harvest of righteousness. I need prayer that God leads and guides the bible study group that I sort of facilitate and that God blesses it and gives me the words to say as well as gives words to say for everyone in the group and help them feel comfortable in the group, I pray God's spirit is in the air and that God shows us what to study and how we can all grow in wisdom and knowledge and have answered prayers. I would love prayer for my biology teacher as he is very strong in his evolution beliefs, even to the point that he thinks you are an idiot if you don't believe in evolution, I pray God convicts him? maybe helps him to see the truth.