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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

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Need a wake up call for motivation and putting faith in God

First...I feel heart broken for some of the prayer requests...I pray that God puts mighty angels around all these prayer requests that have not been answered yet and that God answers them quickly.....I know God can come through and I have seen it, I pray we can see things in the perspective of heavens eyes....there have been a couple things that have happened recently, and it has put some fear in my heart......I need God's wisdom and understanding and God to help me and show me where I have come up short...I also need God to really help me be motivated and guide my ways and really show me to have a bigger faith....what I want to do with my life is going to cause me to have a huge amount of faith as well as daily seeing how God is speaking to me...again I pray God comes through for me in what I want/need and that God answers all these prayers.