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Hello... I'm writing you to ask for prayer please...This ways very heavy on my heart. About 4 years ago my daughter was murdered. It has a trial coming up however the defense attorney is trying to get the whole case thrown out. She is trying to suppress the truth and asasinate my daughters character and our family.It doesn't matter if you are poor or rich or what ever it doesn't give anyone a right to take a life.This man admitted it to me and 3 other people and she is trying to even eliminate the grand jury endictment saying that they are biased. Now how can they be biased when they are going off of evidence. I don't know these people.I have looked up scripture about court cases but i really could use some prayer. This is just pure evil. If we as society are expected to tell the truth and nothing but then why is this defense attorney not held to the same standard....Thank you Cindy