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Siage 3 Cancer ,,,,Help Me Lord

Doctors say I have stage 3 Throat Cancer and a Tumor. Seems like everything they try to do goes belly up . My Pastor Of Our Church Says ,,It Has To Be God's Will In Order To Heal. I can't sleep because of the head aches. I am taking medication like its candy and nothing is taking the pain away. I am in pain 24/7 . I keep getting told God Loves me but he won't take the pain away. I am not ready to die. I have 4 children over 18 and 4 grand kids who need me. I have to take time off work from being in so much pain. Can't pay rent or the bill's ,,,what do I do ? HELP ME LORD JESUS ,,,,PLEASE HLPE ME. Thank You For Your Prayers Guy Wilks