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Prayer Center

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My Broken Marriage

Please Pray for my Broken marriage. August 30th made 20 years of marriage. My husband left home 4 months ago. And won’t give me the time of day. He now lives with two male friends living the bachelor life. I pray that GOD will remove these ungodly influences from his life and surround him with Good Godly men w/Godly wisdom and influence. That God will help this new lifestyle my husband is living to grow old very quickly. I love him deeply and am praying that God will help restore the love in his heart for me again and can bring him home, a changed man if possible or a man willing to change and restore my marriage and make it better. That he will remind my husband of his wedding vows and his husbandly responsibilities and to help him see that what he is doing is wrong. Please don’t let Satan steal my marriage. Please Join me in prayer. Thank you so much.