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3-Month Depression ; I lost my best friend.

I am nothing but a child of God who loves to do nothing more than express my emotions on 88 keys. I was with Lauren ever since Autumn. She was my first serious relationship, she was so graceful to me. I made lots of mistakes that really hurt her, non sinful. We broke up once, she still let me in her heart. One day I ruined her favorite night because my head was full of false perceptions. Now she can't trust me. I apologized to her parents and they still won't trust me. I've ran over 100 miles to see her final tennis matches. Still nothing. Nobody listens to me. My family is always fighting, my mom isn't the same person with my step family. I want my partner back. I love her so much, I would do anything for her to come back. Every husband would do the same for their wife. Love never fails Corinthians 13:1. I am nothing...