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Prayer Center

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Need Guidance

My boyfriend has had some severe medical issues in the past 5 plus years. I have stood by him and assumed the roll of caretaker. I have been there through everything and given up a lot to do this as his family doesn't. I do this because I truly felt that God has asked me and lead me to do this; it is my "assignment." I find myself struggling with how hard it is. I am the only one working, I support him, and take care of the house and him. He has become ungrateful and acts like this is more of an expectation. He has also become verbally and emotionally abusive. I struggle with following in faith to do what I feel led to do by God and my own unhappiness. I am also resentful of the fact that I didn't ask for this, and yet I feel trapped by it because no one else helps him. I don't want to just abandon him. I need guidance and comfort.