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First Thanksgiving at home since husband's passing 3 yrs ago

This will be the first Thanksgiving dinner at home since my husband passed away 3 years ago. When my son married and them moved away to Omak just over 10 years ago, we had done Thanksgiving with them in Omak on the Saturday following Thanksgiving when it was our year to celebrate with them, since we swap holidays with the in-laws. This year is our year for this holiday and they are coming down to celebrate on Thanksgiving. Last evening I was looking at the table thinking about setting it for seven people that has 8 chairs around it and realized again that my husband will not be with us. Tears welled up in my eyes but then I thanked the Lord for all he has done for me and thankful my husband is in heaven. I ask for prayer for my grandchildren that they will be joyous for the time they did have with their grandfather and the many blessings the Lord has provided. Thank you!