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Missing daughter of church member

Wonderful, long time members of our church, Cheryl and Darrell Bereth, cannot find their 29 year old daughter, Kelsey who has been living CO. She went missing Nov 22. Clint, her brother, and Cheryl have traveled to CO to Kelsey's house and report that, VERY uncharacteristically, Kelsey packed no bags, took no makeup, and left homemade cinnamon rolls behind Thanksgiving day. Her purse is missing and police pinged her cell phone somewhere in Id. We believe Darrell is holding down the fort in their home in Sandpoint where they now live and attend church there. This is such a shocking thing and I just can't get past the empty pit in my stomach and I feel so deeply for them all. Please please pray. I know you will and I THANK YOU in advance. You can find this info on FB and on Google for further details.