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Prayer Center

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I Have His Promise!

Blessings to all you Prayer Warriors! I'm asking that you pray for my marriage to be restored and renewed. For my husband and I to be reconciled. The Lord has promised,as well as confirmed,that ALL WILL be restored. That what the enemy has stolen WILL be returned 7 FOLD!!! Hallelujah! I have been standing on that promise for quite sometime and I'm asking that you stand with me in prayer,as well as Him continually giving me the strength and patience to wait on His PERFECT timing! I DO NOT doubt Him and although the enemy tries like crazy to discourage me and tell me that God has lied and doesn't keep His promises;I know in my spirit that satan IS the father of ALL lies! Rebuking him is a daily task for me and can be wearing at times! Prayers for strength and endurance are greatly appreciated! Because I HAVE HIS PROMISE that ALL WILL be returned 7 times BETTER than EVER!