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Sister NEEDS to STAY AWAY ,,she’s draining our MOM’S BANK ACCOUNTS,,,

URGENT PRAYER for our FAMILY,,,,Our SISTER NEEDS to STAY AWAY,,She’s draining our MOM’S BANK ACCOUNTS,,Please PRAY she even QUITS her CURRENT JOB,,i,,She’s using CERTAIN CONNECTIONS at HER JOB,,to become MORE in CONTROL of our MOM,.. Our sister is taking MONEY out of our MOM’S BANK ACCOUNTS.. and also somehow she has CHANGED the WILL and LIVING TRUST and the IRA, after our DAD PASSED AWAY, LAST YEAR..He was actually my STEPDAD,but treated ME like I was actually HIS DAUGHTER I Miss HIM VERY much..The others had an a GOOD RELATIONSHIP,, with HIM,,Some actually treated HIM like a BANK,because he had MONEY,,Please keep Praying for DIVINE INTERVENTION and MERCY... please keep PRAYING