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student in need

Ruth Morency, student at St. Ambrose University, from Haiti, is in desperate need of sponsorship. Ruth has just two more semesters at St. Ambrose in order to graduate with a degree in international business .She has been an impressive student within the classroom as well as a leader in student government while at St. Ambrose. Up and until this past semester, Ruth had a sponsor who was supporting her. She has come so far and invested so much in her dream that without a sponsor to step up and offer support, Ruth may need to return to Haiti without completing her degree. Ruth was given US permission to work and she is doing so, but what she is earning is barely covering living expenses. If you might be able to support (at any level) Ruth please contact Cathy, the international student advisor at St. Ambrose University at TooheyCatherine@sau.edu or (563) 333-6309.