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Prayer Center

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I don't like asking for help as there are so many other needs. But, I know God can handle everything we ask of him. My request is to know how to let go of the worry and stress and let him be in control of my life. It is seems so simple but is so hard to do. My job is very stressful and I am not getting any younger. I have anxiety about family members health and cannot get the "what if" thoughts out of my mind. The kids are grown up and life is just going by too fast. I know these are things that we all deal with and I guess I am just tired and scared. Mid-life crisis? Anyway, God is good and regardless of how this all works out, I want to be able to let go & fully give him my life. I have been doing my own thing for far too long. It is time to step up, be a man and give him the reigns. If you feel inclined, I simply ask for support in knowing how to do that.