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Prayer Center

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Soul restoration

I love the Lord and Trust in him completely but at times I still fall and feel alone and unloved. I've had lots of disagreements with my immediate family, I've always been the "humble one" and tolerated and did everything the way my parents wanted me to, now at 26yrs of age married for 7 with two beautiful blessings and one on the way... I feel they were trying to run our lives from raising our children to the way my husband and i did things, and I just wanted to live life as an "adult" and educate and raise my little family the way my husband and I wanted to. But instead they misunderstood things and completely pulled away -for about a year now, I love my family they're just very negative and more often break me down instead of building me up! Truly it has hurt me and brought me to a breaking point, I just don't want to live like this any longer! -God Bless