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Prayer Center

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My Marriage

My husband went to one marriage counseling session to just say he was there to support me but he was done with the marriage because he was unhappy, and he has trust issues, that are unfounded. I am shocked and devastated. My dear christian friend has referred me to a christian counselor who is a man. The one we went to was female and said she could do nothing if he just wanted out. My husband said he would go to one more person but only one more time. My friend told me he seems to be seeing everything through the lens of his past experiences. His bad relationship with his dad, his divorce with a 1st wife who cheated on him, his problems with the church, yes he does not attend with me and our son . So that is the gist of things. He thinks I take things so he does not have them its so odd, he also drinks too much and smokes marijuana, its legal here.